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About Elge Precision Machining, Inc.

A Tradition of Quality

”We've made a big investment in quality in terms of our equipment, our processes and most importantly our people."

We Stand Behind Our Products

Rigorous quality control standards and a strong commitment to technical expertise.

Delivering the Difference

On time and within specification. Our production facility maintains a wide range of the latest high-precision bar machines, CNC turning lathes, single spindle and multi-spindle screw machines, finishing equipment and secondary equipment, backed up by an experienced staff of professionals capable of handling a broad range of requests. Our focus on quality extends to the development of more efficient business processes, which ultimately contributes to a greater cost-savings potential for our customers.

Facilities List

Davenport Multi-Spindle Screw Machines

11 machines
Bar Capacity 15/16” round
Full array of attachments for cross drilling, slotting and tapping
Stainless our specialty

Brown & Sharpe Single Spindle Screw Machines

17 machines
Bar Capacity 1-5/8” round
Extensive cam and tooling inventory

CNC Turning Machines

2 Hardinge Conquest GT/Super Precision
1-1/16” round capacity
Live tooling capabilities

3 Hardinge T42
Big Bore spindle - 2” round capacity
Live tooling and C-Axis capabilities
Sub spindle for increased capacity

1 Hardinge Cobra 51
2” round capacity

3 Omni Turn GT-75 CNC Lathe
1-1/16” round capacity

2 Miyano/Citizen CNC turning centers

Multi Secondary Operation Machines (MSO)

2 machines with 5 collet rotary table
1-1/16” round capacity
3 vertical and 2 horizontal units per machine
Excellent machine for tapping, milling, slotting, drilling and boring

Secondary Department

6 horizontal pain milling machines
3 South Bend lathes
2 Bridgeport's
2 Special gear cutting machines capable of cutting small precision gears up to 3/4” O.D
5 (5 ton) punch presses
1 (10 ton) punch press
5 precision drill presses

Deburring and Cleaning

1 Royson 4EB-1S Bowl Finisher
1 Royson Vibratory deburring machine
1 Barrel tumbler for deburring and shining
1 Fourway barrel type solvent parts cleaner

Assembly Services Available

Material Capabilities

Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Stainless, Copper, Plastics, Special Alloys, Hard Turning

Quality Control & Assurance

Standard procedures, documented daily production
Small lot and part isolation
Self certified by current customers

Building information

15,000 square feet
Air conditioned environment through out entire shop
Outdoor gated storage area
Easy access loading and unloading

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